Sketching & Painting En Plein Air at Rayners Farm With: Caroline Furlong SEAW Cost £35 Date: Friday 26th July 2019 Time: 10am – 4pm
Overview: Join   us   at   Rayners   Farm,   Whittlesford   for   a   pleasant   summers   day   drawing   and painting   en   plain   air   with   your   own   professional   artist   in   attendance.      Around every   corner   you’ll   discover   something   interesting   to   sketch   &   paint.      Amazing old   barns,   a   traditional   wooden   gypsy   caravan,   a   lake,   lovely   gardens,   fruit   tree orchard, the old farm house, and there’s even a couple of inquisitive chickens! Caroline   will   be   on   hand   to   help   you   along   the   way,   covering   drawing   skills, perspective,   composition   and   the   introduction   of   colour   into   your   drawings. Facilities   for   the   day   include   the   use   of   a   small   kitchen   with   a   large   sink,   kettle, fridge, and of course a loo! The   studio   will   provide   free   standing   easels,   side   tables   and   water   buckets,   plus tea,     coffee     and     biscuits.         You     will     need     to     bring     your     outdoor     sketching   and   painting   equipment,   plus   a   folding   chair,    hat   &   sun   barrier,    and   a   bottle   of water. On   the   day   you   should   drive   directly   to   Rayners   Farm,   and   enter   through   the main   gate   next   to   the   house.      Continue   to   drive   past   the   house   and   barns,   and into   the   field   at   the   rear   of   the   property.      There   you   will   find   a   very   spacious   car park. If the weather is inclement, we will move into the barn which has large  double doors looking out onto the garden. This is a unique opportunity to experience the pleasures of drawing and  painting en plain air. For more information, or to book your place please contact Val on 01223 833064 Email: Venue: Rayners Farm, 59 North Road, Whittlesford, Cambridge CB22 4NZ